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Dicelogic takes fresh approaches to software application development, offering a flexible spectrum of application outsourcing solutions. You can choose production support and application maintenance services or broaden the scope to include application testing, enhancements, upgrades, comprehensive application development or legacy modernization.

We will focus not only on a single application but also on a group of applications or an entire portfolio of software applications.  We have very effective skills and experience in all leading business packaged applications as well as custom and industry applications..

Dicelogic believes application outsourcing isn’t about what you can subtract from a business. It’s about what you can add. Like a partner completely integrate with your overall business objectives. Or process excellence that exceeds what you can do on your own

We tailor our outsourcing assurance to meet your specific needs, carefully considering size and complexity in software application development. Whether providing one skilled IT professional to supplement your staff in a strategic partnership to drive business outcomes, we will support your full range of IT needs.

We assure our clients’ needs for geographic diversity while providing 24/7 development and language support. We can deliver solutions from our global delivery network.

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Dicelogic approach includes developing asset of integrated service capabilities that helps clients to improve the performance of their aftermarket business for their software application.

The proof is in profits. Most innovative companies often generate more than 50 percent of profits in typical services, maintenance, repair and parts, whereas we comprise less than 20 percent of revenue.

For high performances businesses in market where there is disruption, stress, merger and acquisition activity and other drivers for rapid change Business process outsourcing is a valuable strategy. Companies are looking for an experienced BPO service provider that they trust to provide a direct and immediate response to their business challenges.

In the present economic times, many companies are under intense pressure to make dramatic cuts in their general and administrative costs and are looking to outsource all or most of their back-office functions and some companies are also looking beyond immediate and sustained cost savings to solutions to improve cash flow and drive top line growth.

Dicelogic has the global reach, breadth of capability, flexibility and scale to help your business with the challenges you are facing.

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